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Paper Insulation Packaging

Paper Insulation Packaging is a revolutionary solution in the realm of environmental-friendly packaging

Paper Insulation Packaging is a revolutionary solution in the realm of environmental-friendly packaging. Our Sealed Air TempGuard liners offer a convenient and sustainable option for thermal protection in the food industry. These liners are easy to use, 100% recyclable, and boast excellent insulating capabilities. We take pride in featuring them in our Eco-Friendly Packing section, as they contribute significantly to sustainable packaging practices.

Crafted from heavy-duty kraft paper, our paper insulation packaging provides reliable protection for goods while effectively maintaining temperatures for 24 to 48 hours. This makes it particularly suitable for 1 or 2-day shipping requirements. With TempGuard, perishable items are guaranteed to arrive fresh and in optimal condition. It’s worth noting that many popular home delivery meal services utilise this innovative packaging system, ensuring their products remain cool and fresh even during warm weather and transit.

Moreover, our paper insulation liners are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing them to adapt to various product sizes and box dimensions. This versatility ensures that each shipment receives the utmost care and protection, regardless of its unique requirements. Embrace the benefits of paper insulation packaging and experience a greener, more sustainable approach to thermal protection for your goods.

Paper Insulation Packaging Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
TG-200TempGuard Thermal Liners240 x 650mm (200mm cube)1768PackLogin for Pricing
TG-250TempGuard Thermal liners290 x 800mm (250mm cube)1056PackLogin for Pricing
TG-PAD-300TempGuard Universal Pads305 x 305 mm1728PackLogin for Pricing
TG-300TempGuard Thermal liners340 x 950mm (300mm cube)704PackLogin for Pricing
TG-350TempGuard Thermal liners390 x 1100mm (350mm cube)480PackLogin for Pricing
TG-400TempGuard Thermal Liners445 x 1260mm (400mm cube)360PackLogin for Pricing