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Eco Paper Mailers

These fully recyclable, fully compostable bags are ideal for companies moving toward eco-friendly postal bags. They are available in bottom gusset and side gusset options. All bags come with easy peel and seal strips.

Additionally, the paper mailers can be made in bespoke sizes and can be printed to your specifications.

Paper mailers are versatile and are a great option for environmentally friendly packaging.

Code Description Product Size Pack
PM-330 Paper Mailer 100gsm (1 ply) 330 x 485mm + 100mm side gusset + 55mm lip 250
PM-180 Paper Mailer 90gsm (1 ply) 180 x 270mm + 60mm bottom gusset + 35mm lip 250
PM-325 Paper Mailer 100gsm (1 ply) 325 x 500mm + 100mm bottom gusset + 30mm lip 250
PM-650 Paper Mailer 100gsm (1 ply) 650 x 555mm + 100mm bottom gusset + 30mm lip 250
Eco paper mailers

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