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Opus Air Pillow Machine

Opus Air is the only air cushioning packaging system designed to operate specifically with biodegradable films. One weighing 8kg, the Opus Air is an easy loading machine which produces air bags for protection and voidfilling.

Our unique range of biodegradable and recycled film is helping companies worldwide to improve their environmental performance. For example, the Opus Bio cushions are 100% biodegradable and impressively biodegrade in 12-24 months. The Opus system is compact, reliable, easy to use and boasts a market leading through put of 11 cubic meters per hour at speeds up to 17 metres per minute. Opus Air produces high yielding cushions that will protect your products and reduce the cost per cubic metre of your void fill solution.

We supply the following air pillow sizes:

  • 200mm x 100mm x 500m
  • 200mm x 200mm x 500m
  • 400mm x 50mm x 325m
  • 400mm x 50mm x 325m
  • 400mm x 270mm x 260m Protech Quilt 16 Cell


The Protech Quilt is now our most popular opus product. Its perfect for wrapping and protection of products, as well as void-filling. The Protech Quilt suits various applications and is a very mouldable air pillow solution.

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